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Red Pine Exploration Inc is involved in the identification, acquisition, and development of properties in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. The Company is in the exploration stage and focuses on gold and base...Red Pine is a Kimberbell Certified Shop along with being a dealer for Brother sewing machines and an AccuQuilt Signature Dealer. Located in downtown Detroit Lakes, MN, we provide a welcoming store atmosphere, where classes and clubs inspire your creativity… and enthusiastic staff members shower you with friendly, personalized service! (7) Red pine, Pinus resinosaAit. (8) Southern yellow pine,Pinus sp. (9) Western white pine heartwood,Pinus monticola Dougl. ex D. Don. (10) Redwood,Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl. (11) Redwood heartwood (12) Engelmann spruce,Picea engelmannii Parry (13) Engelmann spruce heartwood (14) Western red cedar,Thuja plicata Donn.