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Diagnostic underwing lacking orange marks but tiny black dots. Upperwings violet blue. Gardens, hedgerows and woods. Throughout England although commonest in the South. Local in Ireland and Wales. Common: Small Blue: Large Blue (more images) Broad black borders to blue upperwings with 4-6 black spots. Black spots but no orange marks on underwing. The Red Lacewing (Cethosia biblis) is a medium-sized butterfly found in Nepal, north-east India, Burma, Indochina, China, Thailand, and the Andaman Islands. The wings of the male are bright orange-red; the margins are black with white spots. The wings of the female are black , brown, and gray with black and white spots on the black margins. The ... If the black butterfly has unique patterns then this can mean there could a long time for something amazing to shine. Black butterflies are often called swallowtails and the caterpillar feeds on The butterfly that is orange is connected to our chakra which is known as the sacral, located by our naval.